Monday, October 5, 2009

MUFE Duo Mat Powder Foundation

I am on my second compact of this stuff and paid full price for it both times. I could call the NY store and get my discount but I just cannot stand to have the downtime without my new favorite foundation.

Why do I love it? Personally: 1)Easy to use:Powder foundation goes on so easily and without all the mess. 2)The coverage is phenomenal: It is build able. One layer evens the skin tone. Two layers removes all blemishes. Three layers you look like a powder face but not one imperfection.

Professionally: I follow a few more steps on models and brides then myself before putting on foundation but the reasons are the same. 1)Ease of use. I usually pair this with a liquid for shoots and it provides a perfect finishing powder for me that sets for hours.

I really fell in love when an actor was sweat ting profusely on set and I realized that all that was needed was to blot the sweat because the powder remained. Love. Love.

You can get this at or one of thier stores. Pros can call the MUFE store in NY.