Monday, March 30, 2009

First Product

Well it was def a little tough choosing a first product but I figured it should be something I love enough to use everyday.Its my MAC 187 brush. I know, I know this brush has lots of hype but I have some points that I think will only add and not repeat what you can get from any other review.

I love this brush because it does provide a flawless finish when applying foundation in a circular motion. I really thought I was having skin issues before I bought this brush. The brush is not just for foundation. It does a fantastic job with my Ulta Glowtion (discontinued) which replaces foundation for me on weekdays.I also use it to apply my blush. It does have an end date after a week and must be spray cleaned at minimum. If not you'll get a streaky application.

The best trick with this brush is that it doesn't remove your concealer. Weather you are using it as a stippling brush (as intended) or just going in circles. I like to layer my foundation over my concealer and my 187 works with me.

Dup note: If you can't shell out $40 for the MAC 187 stippling brush then just moisten the tip of a blush brush or large powder brush and apply your foundation in a circular motion. That should give you the same flawless effect while you're saving up.


Friday, March 27, 2009


First post....

I have recently started working as a Make-Up Artist but have always been make-up obsessed. As I have another blog that deals with clothes and fashion I wanted one where I review a new product every day. I will do my best to stay away from the conventional, Cover Girl Mascara(hate) and Revlon Color Stay(love) and move onto more unique products that fit specific needs. Email me if you have issues with products that need solving or just anything that you were curious about.

Don't be disappointed if I do one day write a review on my Revlon Color Stay. I am anticipating a review a day to be pretty tough. I have blogs that I rely on in the morning to accompany my coffee and if my blog is worthy of that sort of devotion I will attempt a new view on old standards.