Monday, March 30, 2009

First Product

Well it was def a little tough choosing a first product but I figured it should be something I love enough to use everyday.Its my MAC 187 brush. I know, I know this brush has lots of hype but I have some points that I think will only add and not repeat what you can get from any other review.

I love this brush because it does provide a flawless finish when applying foundation in a circular motion. I really thought I was having skin issues before I bought this brush. The brush is not just for foundation. It does a fantastic job with my Ulta Glowtion (discontinued) which replaces foundation for me on weekdays.I also use it to apply my blush. It does have an end date after a week and must be spray cleaned at minimum. If not you'll get a streaky application.

The best trick with this brush is that it doesn't remove your concealer. Weather you are using it as a stippling brush (as intended) or just going in circles. I like to layer my foundation over my concealer and my 187 works with me.

Dup note: If you can't shell out $40 for the MAC 187 stippling brush then just moisten the tip of a blush brush or large powder brush and apply your foundation in a circular motion. That should give you the same flawless effect while you're saving up.


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