Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd Product..Not exaclty Daily

I have to apologize to anyone that is actually reading this. It has been MANY days since my last post. Each day I know I should post but I don't and for that I am sorry. So onto content..

I mentioned in the last post that I would concentrate on brushes and I have another. I figured this is relevant as the smokey will never die. If you ever put on makeup there will be a night that you want to go "smokey" and you will need this brush. The Sephora Professionel Smudge Brush #14 for $13 its not the cheapest but I have come to love it.

No, $13 is not alot of money, especially for a good brush but most other brushes can be used in a multitude of ways. This one.....smudges and that's it but it does it amazingly well. The bristles are packed stiffly but overall the brush is very soft. So when you are going in for the smudging of liner or shadow it is a simple process. Besides smudging eyeliner it does produce an almost perfect width line of shadow across the bottom lash line. Many of the new eyeshadow looks have shadow under the eye as well as on it and the smudger applies it brilliantly.

So go to Sephora and get this brush and a few other things so they will give you lots of large size samples.

I'll be back tomorrow..yes, really..with another Sephora product so you can stay a while on your next trip.

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