Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mac Care Blends Essential Oil

I felt I NEEDED more Makeup for the kit yesterday. A ridiculous notion. I promise to post pictures of my makeup kit one day. The products are mating and reproducing to the point that I will need a new slew of cases before Spring. Do you love the way I take no responsibiity whatsoever about my evergrowing kit?

Anyway.. I walked into the MAC store and was assulted by my favorite MAC girls and was forced to buy new products. One of which was the Lavendar Mac Care Blends Essential Oil. The girls swear that it will never make my oil-slick of a face break out because there is no mineral oil in the product. It is 100% essential oil making it non-pore-cloggable or non-comedogenic for all you skin techies. I was skeptical to say the least. I work hard to keep my skin beautiful. My line of work allows people to judge me openly based on the health and beauty of my skin. Nonetheless, I walked the line and applied the oil after my some-what drying AHA nightcreme. The verdict:LOVE!!!!

The oil is closer to water than oil. It absorbs into the skin quickly and disappears leaving no trace but nourished skin. Its tough to believe that an oil is gracious enough to leave no trace of itself. The pleasant scents also fade after a short amount of time.

Applied over your make up it adds a nice dewy sheen to the cheekbones. Yes, I am still a fan of the J-Lo glow even if she has left it far behind her. You can also add a drop or two to your fav moisturizer to get a nice all over glow. The dropper dispenser makes this so easy to do. I am sure there are a million uses for these oils making my only complaint that this stuff needs to come in tubs. I applaud MAC for bringing hippy essential oils to the masses and in very good quality. Definatelty something they should expand on. Go buy your own oils you will love them. Each bottle retails for $29.50 for a 0.27oz bottle. Pro-card applies.

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  1. seems expensive, are there active ingredients on the box